Auchtergaven Primary School

Life at Auchtergaven Primary School

Primary 6

Primary 6

In maths we have been learning about how to display information using graphs. In class we made up our own survey on favourite hobbies. We got to choose how we displayed or own work using the laptops. Some people chose to look at two different grapes and compared them   to see which one displayed the information the best. Everyone said the got better at using graphs.

In literacy we have been learning about facts and opinions. We talked with our shoulder partner about what a fact and an opinion is. We made up two facts and two opinions about a pop group to tell the class. Then we came up with a fact about ourselves and told them to the class.

In Art we have been using a technique called pointillism in our paintings. Some of us did a scene and we used cotton buds and paint to put colour into our picture. We have been using  dots to make our picture the best it can be.

By Georgia  and Anna