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Ragbag Collections


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our rag bag collections over the last few years. The Eco Committee receives money for the uplifts, which has helped to fund a range of Eco Activities including gardening equipment, bird seed and feeders and various items to help maintain our school grounds. Over the last 2 years we have raised over £200 from the rag bag bin.


Unfortunately the bin was contaminated in the floods during the summer holidays and has had to be returned to Ragbag. They will provide us with a new bin soon. In the meantime,, if you are having a clear out and sorting old clothes or clothes that no longer fit, please consider putting them to one side for our bin, which will be positioned back in the corner of the school car park beside Janet.


Ragbag have recently changed the items they are able to collect due to the increases in Sterling against certain foreign currencies during the last 12 months. This means that HOUSEHOLD items now cost significantly more to collect than their recyclable value so they have had to remove these items from the collection list.


What We Can Collect: 


Wearable Clothing – All fashions – All ages.

Paired Shoes








We Can No Longer Accept:- 






Wet or Soiled Clothes






Duvets or Covers


Pillows or Cases






Table Cloths
















We trust that you will continue to give your support to the Rag-Bag scheme as it still represents an excellent source of fundraising for your organisation.




The members of the Eco Committee for 2014/2015 are as follows -

Vice-Chair - Eilidh Coutts Primary 6/7,  Lucy Sinclair - Primary 6/7,  , Mae Malcolm - Primary 5/6,  Hannah Brown - Primary 4/5, Anna Davidson - Primary 4/5, Ella Whannel - Primary 3/4, Olivia Johnson - Primary 3/4, Aaron Baker - Primary 2/3, Logan McDevitt - Primary 2/3, Freya Stanford - Primary 1, Kian Jarmuszewski - Primary 1