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Life at Auchtergaven Primary School


Welcome to Auchtergaven Primary School

Important Dates to remember this term 2017

Friday 22nd September 2017 Charity Disney Dress Up Day

Wednesday 27th September 2017  P7 PGS Road Show Pitcairn Primary School

Tuesday 03rd October 2017  P7 PGS Bertha Park Event

Term Ends Friday 06th October 2017 3.00pm


About Us

Auchtergaven Primary is a rural school situated eight miles north of Perth just off the A9.  

The older part of the school is Victorian, the newer part having been added in 1999.

Aims of the School

Auchtergaven School aims to provide a well- balanced curriculum which stimulates each child to perform to the best of his/her ability. Emphasis is placed on the fostering of worthwhile attitudes and values as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills.


Our school is a happy and safe place where we all learn to be our very best.

It is important to......

- show respect to other people

- be friendly

- be honest

- talk and listen to each other

- care about and support others

- be responsible

- accept that it is OK for people to be different

- be trusted and to trust other people

- co-operate


Have a safe, positive place to learn

Make learning exciting and challenging

Recognise and celebrate our achievements

Be healthy, active and eco friendly

Be resilient—bounce back!

Be confident and responsible

Have Fun!

To read our Visions, Values and Aims Statement please click the link below

PDF iconVisions Values and Aims Statement