Auchtergaven Primary School

Life at Auchtergaven Primary School

School Staff 2018-2019

Head Teacher -  Mrs Findlay

Principal Teacher and Pupil Support Teacher -  Mrs McNab


Mrs Watt - P1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs Fullarton - P2/3 Class Teacher

Mrs Boyd - P3/4 Class Teacher

Mrs Wombill - P4/5 Class Teacher

Mrs Pullar  – P6/P7 Class Teacher

Mrs King - Early Childhood Practitioner


Mrs Fairlie - Nursery Support Teacher

Mrs Harrow - PE Teacher

Mrs Hogg - Strings and Piano Tutor

Miss Hodgekiss - Brass Tutor


Mrs Forbes - Primary School Support Assistant

Miss Finnie - Primary School Support Worker


Mrs Crighton – Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Cummings - Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Smith – Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Shields - Pupil Support Assistant


Mrs Balie - Community Link Worker


Nan – Janitor

Ms Roy - School Crossing Patrol Officer

Mrs Buchanan - Dining Room Assistant

Miss Hutchison - Dining Room Assistant and School Cleaner

Mrs Boyne – School Cleaner